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How To Write Professional References

How to write a professional list of references 1. Determine how many references to include. When creating your reference list, the first thing to consider is how many... 2. Choose your professional references. Once you know how many references to provide for a specific position, you can... 3. Ask.

  • This means selecting 1–1.5 inch margins, a simple, professional font and a font size between 10 and 12 points. You should list out your references by starting with whom you believe can provide the most helpful and relevant.

  • 3. Remain consistent in your design. Now that you know who you’re using as references, it’s time to build your References Page. Consider using the same header you used for your resume and cover letter for consistency. It’ll help you look more professional. 4. Make sure the contact information is up to date.

  • How to write a letter of reference 1. Request information about the opportunity and individual. Before writing a reference letter, you should inquire about... 2. Look at sample reference letters. If you are unfamiliar with or unsure of what to include in a reference letter, take... 3. Compose your.


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